Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Many inventory systems use passive UHF tags to manage cradle-to-rack accountability. Using these tags at the checkout is a natural progression and one that offers several benefits.

RFID Benefits for POS

Because the tags contain a unique serial number, your checkout can tell you not only that you sold a type of jacket but also that you sold a particular jacket. The ability to get specific pieces of information like this can help prevent theft.

RFID tags can even be embedded in valuable products, allowing you to monitor quality and performance after sales. For example, commercial clothing can be monitored for safety issues. Laundry services can use the tag ID to verify who, what, when, where and how many times an item has been handled.

Why Use SuperVision’s Product?

Several companies offer POS systems that read a full stack of products at one time. While that level of efficiency shows promise, no retailer will ever sell items that way. The risks of misplacing items, swapping tags or incorrectly pricing items force companies to sell items one at a time.

Supervision’s tags are designed with companies’ needs in mind. Our product allows you to work hands-free, making the transition to RFID tag scans from barcode scans easy.

To learn more about how Supervision’s product can be used with POS systems, contact us.