Asset Tracking

Most companies implement some form of asset tracking to maintain records for tax and maintenance purposes. Methods vary from asset tags with unique numbers preprinted to barcodes that can identify and track objects. Recently, RFID has made strong inroads in this area. Its ability to collect data without having to see the ID tags greatly increases the efficiency of this process.

The use of RTLS (Real Time Locating Systems) and passive RFID tags has improved the ability to monitor assets, especially mobile equipment. Users can track passive and active tags in real time to locate valuable and/or critical assets.

While RTLS methods have 98% effectiveness in locating items, they cost more to implement and maintain than passive RFID.

Keeping track of your equipment is vital in enabling your company to operate smoothly and reliably.  Passive UHF tagging will help you achieve that.  

Benefits of UHF RFID Systems

The advantages of Supervision’s passive UHF RFID asset tracking systems include:

  • Simple hand-held scanners can inventory whole rooms in a very short period of time.
  • Doorway monitors and portal choke points allow you to pinpoint the location of your mobile equipment easily.
  • You can monitor and report proper handling and cleaning of equipment with greater ease.
  • You can tag individual items at an extremely low cost.
  • The systems have very low maintenance costs.
  • The systems do not require major infrastructure modifications.

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