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UHF RFID at Point of Sale

RFID Block Reader

UHF RFID for Point of Sale (POS)

The final step in inventory management


Supervision Profiled in RFID Journal

June 29, 2015 - Supervision's asset tracking Doorway Monitor has been featured in an article on RFID Journal's website.  Click link below to read full article.

Introducing passive asset tracking

Your facility is filled with vital and expensive equipment that you need to be able to locate at all times. It is also filled with equipment that needs to be tracked for functional and financial reasons. Both of these requirements can be met with passive UHF tagging!

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Introducing the Lite RF™ OEM board

The Lite RF™ board provides an OEM platform for passive UHF RFID development. It is a low power, small footprint, full featured device suitable for embedding into a hand held PDA or developing into an independent standalone module for use in a variety of applications.

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