After more than 10 years in the passive UHF RFID market, Supervision’s products have made a place for themselves in several niche markets. Our newest product adds a significant expansion to those niches.

The Lite RF™ OEM board offers both multi-country functionality and multi-read capability. Its small footprint and low power requirements combine with easy connectivity and a full ½ watt (27 dBm) output capability, making it a natural for integrating into your PDA or other mobile devices.

Over the last decade, we have watched the passive UHF RFID opportunities expand from the original supply chain areas that formed the impetus behind the product’s design. The origin of the Internet of Things comes from the core fundamentals of this technology and its standards.

Reviewing our solutions center will give you a start at understanding some of the many directions we feel this technology can be taken. Every solution defined on our pages can be met with our technology integrated with existing or new applications. Distribution systems that utilize bar coding will be greatly enhanced by adding RFID tags. Point of sale will close the gap on retail inventory management from cradle to grave. Utilizing passive UHF RFID tagging instead of RTLS systems for mobile asset management will greatly reduce the cost of implementing and maintaining these solutions.

Lite RF™

OEM passive UHF reader/encoder module

The Block

Desktop appliance allows for hands-free reads.


Bluetooth communications and battery operation

POE-Power Over Ethernet

Portal manager using POE for power and communications – controls up to 3 antennas for maximum coverage.