Waste Management

Waste Management

Tracking Issues for Garbage and Recycling Collection

Garbage trucks are becoming more automated in their handling of trash containers. The new systems allow for a single driver to handle a route. In order to determine the most efficient routing of trucks, garbage companies spend a significant amount of money on custom software and GPS systems. While these products may improve efficiency, they don’t identify the amounts of trash and recycling collected at each location.

How SuperVision Can Help

Supervision’s RFID tags cost less than custom software and GPS. They can also open new revenue streams for waste management companies.

Supervision’s system mounts on the lift arm of the truck and records the RFID tag code for each pickup. It also records the date and time of pickup, allowing management to determine how quickly the driver handles his route. We also offer a secondary data port that could receive and record information from a weighing system. In turn, this could enable businesses to charge by the weight of the trash or recycling inside a can.

Our system and its management software can cost as little as $1,000 per truck to implement. This could represent a significant savings over other route management systems and allow for a more equitable pay structure.

For more information on how Supervision’s RFID tags can benefit waste management companies, contact us.