Who We Are

Giving Real Value to Customers -Their Way

In today’s business environment, the concept of “value” has been watered down—or completely distorted—to mean nothing more than, “Buy Our Product.” At Supervision LLC, we do all we can to deliver genuine value to our customers - their way.

Everything on this website is geared towards assisting both the seasoned RFID player as well as the novice. We want to assist people in understanding how UHF passive RFID can increase efficiency in one's overall company operations.

The Vision of Supervision

Supervsion, LLC was founded to develop vertical markets for UHF passive RFID. While the technology has existed for a long time, it has reached only a few of its potential vertical markets.

UHF passive technology allows for both long- and short-range reading. It lets the user customize the content of the tag. These features support a wide variety of supervision opportunities and asset management functions.

We have been involved in passive UHF RFID since the first EPC conference in 2003. This laid the groundwork for the Current Class 1 Gen 2 tag protocols in use today. We have always worked to provide the most value for your dollar.

Steve Jessup (see photo) has worked in the AIDC industry for over 30 years and has spent the last 11 years working with RFID.